happy valentine day sms messages in marathi

happy valentine day sms marathi

valentine day sms marathi

Jivnachya watewar Kalyanche bandh futun jatat
Wahun jate sahwasache pani
Tarihi Maitricha Ankur tag dharun rahto
Karan bhijat rahtat tya Aathavani�e.
happy valentine day

valentine day sms marathi

Sakali hastes Dupari hastes Sandhyakali hastes
Ratri hastes Gharat hastes Rastyat hastes

Yetana baghun hastes Jatana baghun hastes
Tila kay vaatte Tu ektich dat ghastes?
happy valentine day

valentine day sms marathi

Satyajit Ray chya babanche nav kay ahe
Baap Re
Aajobanche nav?
Baap re Baap

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