Urdu Fathers Day Quotes, Happy Father’s Day Quotes in Urdu

latest Urdu Fathers Day Quotes, Happy Father's Day Quotes in Urdu 2012 Great Msg About Dad : ek azeem insaan jo apni zindgi tak waqf kar de apne jazbaat ko jupaa le apni khushiyon ko nazr andaaz kar de qubool kare har tarha ki mehnat or mushaqqat its Dad my papa please apne fathers se jee bhar k pyaar ka izhaar karo aj k din Think About Him … Happy fathers day  

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    It iz easier 4 a father to hav children than for children to have a real father. I m glad 2 hav u dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY
  • Happy Happy Fathers Day
    Happy Happy Father’s Day Here’s A Little Song To Say “Happy, Happy Father’s Day” No One’s Father Is So Sweet. Your Kind Ways Just Can’t Be Beat. Happy Happy Father’s Day; I Love You In A Big Way!!
  • Daddy you are the best
    Daddy you are the best, although you live in the west. stay the way you are, while your driving your sports car. You couldn’t be a better dad oh yeah, don’t go driving around mad I love you for ever ’cause you’r really clever Even though i puss and shove I will still show all my love

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