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something to tell you

Me and bf were txting one evening:

Him: Hey (MY NAME), I have something to tell you
Me: What?
Him: I don’t like you anymore
Me: What?
(me very confused and like what)
Him: I love you. Your the nicest most beautiful girl I have ever met
Me: Awww. You scared me!
Him: Sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you!

My True Story

we met in riksha there i saw her she was loking so beautiful,i thought to trap her, i asked that where is she going, she told me that she going university to gitting addmision,i said to asked about bsc admision,first she say ok then suddenly asked how’ll i tell you,i give her my V. card,first card slipped from my hand by air n second 1 she catch tightly, now she will call me tonight n i’ll offer her for dating n after that i will leave her, n u know very well what should be done on dating,hahaha

well this guy wasnt my BF

well this guy wasnt my BF at the time but me, my BFF,and him and we where talking on the phone me and my BFF called himwe were doing a treline like we do used every night cause he missed school cause he was sick so I was like really worried sick about him cause I was in love wih him so I was like:

me: R U OKAY?
him: NO, IM SICK
me: I know, you should take your medicine
him: I dont need my medicine, all I need is YOU to give me a kiss cause you r my only medicine, man I wish YOU were on my side, that would make me feel so much better…(he goes on and on)
me: *blushing* and *very happy*
—– SONG——-

—–15 min later——

him : I love you
me: I dont know wht 2 say
my BFF:Skye, say something!!!!!
him: no matter wht im the luckiest guy in the world
me: why? I mean your sick
him:cause I have the honor 2 B in ur presence every day,and right now I will B counting the minutes,until I can see you tomorrow and I pray 2 God to make me feel better by U so the first thing I can do tomorrow is kiss u and hug u and lob u until the day u dont want me anymore and when that happen if it happens I will not tell u anything cause I had the privilege to had U as mine.
me :*****heaven*****
my BFF: Skyeeee!!!!!!
him: I have 2 go. I love YOU SKYE

so we lasted 2 years (we were in 5th grade when he declared to me)(after the break up we were BFF we were inseparable we talked every day and night an told each other everything) and now were in 7th grade we havent talked since school started cause throught 3rd-6th grade we were in the same class room now they separated us cause his grades were low so I decided to call and ask him what was going on cause the fact that they separated us from the classroom doesnt mean we cant talk to each other on the break or during lunch or afterschool,anyway I called him:
me: What the hell is going on? we havent talked since school stared
him: thats because I dont want to hang out with you anymore
me: *heartbroken almost crying* why?
him: cause I have new cooler friends and I dont need you anymore BTW: I always knew you had a crush on me so I took pity of you and made you my GF.
me:*caught of guard* WHTF is wrong with you? you werent like this
him : I guess people change
me:people? ur not people u r my friend
him: no im not
me: I guess I was wrong about u
him: U R right
me : No, I just needed to confirm something
—–before he hunged up—-he whispered
him: Skye,I lob u,TTYS
——hungs up——-

then I discovered that he stared hangin with the 9th grade Emo crew and he became one he stared cutting himself he knew I dint like Emo kids (THAT ANOTHER STORY IT INVOLVES SUICIDE AND OTHER STUFF, IS NOT WHT THEY R IS WHT THEY DO MY COUSIN SUICIDE HERSELF CAUSE SHE WAS TIRED OF HER EMO ”FRIENDS”

so with him is kinda the same except he cuts himself cause he has problems that HE DOESNT WANT 2 tell me about and other stuff sooo now today as november 29,2013 we havent talked in 2 months and in school when I see him he just gives this look this bad.

thats all I lost my best friend in the whole world to a group of EMO-controlling influenzers he is now dating this 14-year-old girl and hes 12 and they have been hooking up and giving themselves hickies and stuff. shes one of the emo influenzer.

so im closing ssoo if someone is forcing u to do something u dont want to do dont do it cause the consecuences may be horrible im the proof of it .
. sadly I cant do anything for him cause everytime I go up to him he doesnt talk. I have tried everything .

Thank you for your sweet

” Thank you for your sweet, sweet love You’ll never truly know Just how happy that you make me And how much I love you so.”

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