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A mom passing by

A mom passing by her son’s bedrum was astonished. D bed was nicly made n everything was packd. She saw an envlop on d bed. It was addressed “MOM.” She opend d envelop n read d letter wid trembling hands:-
Dear mom, its wid gr8 regrt dat im writing 2 u. I had 2 run away wid my galfrnd coz i wanna avoid d scene wid dad n u. I’v been findin real passion wid her n shz so nice evn her dimpl cheeks n swt eyes n gud character. Dnt wry mom im 21yrs old i knw hw 2 tc of myslf. Sumday v’l cum n vist so u can get 2 knw ur grandchildren.
Mom, none of d abov is true! Im @ neighbors house! I jus wanna remind u dat der r worse things in lyf dan my Internal Exam Results in my desk. Call wen its safe 4 me 2 cum home ; -)

I started praying

I started praying last Ramadan and have not stopped since. I now pray five times a day. I’m sure it rubbed of on my husband cos he started praying about a week ago. Now I just need to get my children to pray, but i’ts quite difficult. I dont want to force them but what advice can you give me regarding this? They are 13 years old girls. One of them prays very occasionally with me, but when she needs to do wudu again she’s too lazy. The other one is even less interested. I know its my fault for not praying myself when they were much younger so that they would have grown up with it but whats done is done. I hope someone can give me advice for the future.

arabic sms love messages

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