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A mom passing by

A mom passing by her son’s bedrum was astonished. D bed was nicly made n everything was packd. She saw an envlop on d bed. It was addressed “MOM.” She opend d envelop n read d letter wid trembling hands:-
Dear mom, its wid gr8 regrt dat im writing 2 u. I had 2 run away wid my galfrnd coz i wanna avoid d scene wid dad n u. I’v been findin real passion wid her n shz so nice evn her dimpl cheeks n swt eyes n gud character. Dnt wry mom im 21yrs old i knw hw 2 tc of myslf. Sumday v’l cum n vist so u can get 2 knw ur grandchildren.
Mom, none of d abov is true! Im @ neighbors house! I jus wanna remind u dat der r worse things in lyf dan my Internal Exam Results in my desk. Call wen its safe 4 me 2 cum home ; -)