Drta Hon Mout Sy Mgar Marna Zaror Hy

Drta Hon Mout Sy Mgar Marna Zaror Hy

Larzta Hon Kafan Sy Pr Pehena Zaror Hy

Hojata Hon Ghamgen Janazy Ko Dekh K

Lekin Mera Janaza Bhi Uthna Zror Hy

Hoti Hy Bri Kapkapi Qabron Ko Dekh Kr

Muddaton Andhri Qabr Me Rehna Zror Hy

Dunya To Mery Dil Ko Lubhati Hy Subho Sham

Pr Such Hy Isko Chor K Jana Zror Hy.

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  • Bukhari says
    Each breath you like glorifies him; your sleep is worship, your deeds are accepted and your supplications are answered in the month of Ramadhan. Bukhari
  • Ab b waqt hai Tum mjhe apnalo
    Ab b waqt hai Tum mjhe apnalo main tmhen dunya k har sukh dongi tum apne dil se pucho kisi ki na suno main tmhara har qadam par 7 nibahun gi Ab b waqt hai mjhe apne dil mein basa lo warna pachtao gy Tmhari sirf tmhari apni . ,N A M A Z,
  • Glorified and exalted be He
    “Our Lord (glorified and exalted be He) descends each night to the earth’s sky when there remains the final third of the night, and He says: ‘Who is saying a prayer to Me that I may answer it? Who is asking something of Me that I may give it him? Who is asking forgiveness of
  • A man from among those
    “A man from among those who were before you was called to account. Nothing in the way of good was found for him except that he used to have dealings with people and, being well-to-do, he would order his servants to let off the man in straitened circumstances [from repaying his debt].” He (the Prophet
  • The first thing which will be judged
    The Prophet (SAW) said: “The first thing which will be judged among a persons deeds on the Day of Resurrection is the prayer. If that is in good order, he will pass the test and prosper, and if that is defective, he will fail the test and be a loser.” (Tirmidhi)

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