Darkness is everywhere

Darkness is everywhere The birds back at there”homes” Roads r “quite” Everybody is “sleeping” But i m not “u know” why? Just wanted 2 say u “GOOD NIGHT”

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    cute sweet good night text sms messages   good night sms Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight, Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight But dont make it a habit bcoz I m not free every night. good night   good night When my arms cant reach people who r close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.
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    good night sms hindi good night sms .1 jab rat ko yadd unki ati hai sitaroon main tassveer un ki nazar ati hai good dhondti hai aankhen us bhula dene waley ko yad mai jinki shuhba ho jati hai good good night sms hindi .2 .-.-.-.__.-.-.-. -.-.::.-.- -..–..- titli apko! kehny ayi hy. “good night” kyun k isy “phool” bohat psand hai. More 120 good night sms hindi
    YOU Are CHANDA And I Am A STAR, Night Is Meant For Sleeping Yaar, So Take A Pillow And Soja YAAR… Gud Nite.
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    At this moment 3.7 millons are sleeping, 2.3 millons are falling in love, 4.1 millon are eating and only one person in the whole world is reading my sms Good Night SMS
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    “Dunia Mein Reh Kr Sapnon Mein Kho Jao” “Ksi Ko Apna Bana Lo Ya Ksi K Ho Jao” “Agr Kuch B Na Kr Sko Tu” “CHOOSNI” Moo mein Lo Aur So Jao”…….! Good Night.