Cheating in Exams

Cheating in Exams is the Best Exercise 4 Your Reflexes:

Your Eyes Roll To See the Ans Sheet of your Seatmate.

Your Ears Become Sensitive, Even 2 the Softest Whispers 2 get What ur seatmate says.

Your Neck stretches Either Ways 2 Search 4 clues.

Your hand Copies the Ans Faster than ever.

Your Feet Kicks the chair of your Classmate 2 let Know that you want to copy.

It’s the Best Way to Make Yourself Healthy, So Keep Cheating!

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    Success is the derivative function of calculated efforts. So, Effort + Effort + Effort + ….. = Success… Success in your exams.
  • How Do you Know
    Teacher: There is a frog, Ship is sinking, Potatos cost 3/- kg, What is my age? Student: 32 years Teacher: How Do you Know? Student: My Sister is 16 years old and she is half mad???
  • Not Final
    Sucess is Not Permanent & failure is Not Final!!! So Never Stop Working after Success & Never Stop Trying after Failure!!!
  • Save Lives
    I could be a Doctor and Save Lives. I could be a Lawyer and Defend Lives. I could be a Soldier and Protect Lives. But Why to Play with others Lives? So I chose to be an Engineer, and Destroy My own Life. Dedicated to all Engineers.
  • Law Of Answering In Examination
    The Law Says: “If You Can’t Convince Them, Then At-least Confuse Them.” Do You Know Which Law It Is? . . . . The Law Is “Law Of Answering In Examination”

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