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I work in an office where other people say good morning. I love
Of my office. It starts with the front door, where we are greeted by
A wonderful lady who says good morning sms to each one of us. This is
Good thing and a great day to start. Despite what
Your brain is more enthusiastic or multitasking, take a moment to say to
Good morning sms to the trajectory that a colleague or Starbucks
Staff or maintenance man. So why not set the tone of the day
Some warmth and good vibes spread around before the coffee kicks in?

I understand. I know I need some warmth and good vibes in my life. (And
To you, PS). This, I am.

And if you have enough people (and mean it) “good morning”, says it will probably
Miracles really do happen. After all, today could very well be, then why could not start
And wishing all well off? This is a very good morning
Each and every one.

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